Born just a few weeks before the Challenger disaster, and raised on an unhealthy diet of television and pop culture. Like most humans who currently inhabit the planet Earth I do my best to carve out a meaningful existence. 

I have worked a variety of jobs including: projectionist, computer lab assistant, bookseller, documentary/wedding videographer, video editor, photo restoration artist, computer technician, and freelance photographer.

I graduated from Film Production at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 2007. My thesis film Joe vs. the Killer Robots won the Defsup Award for Creativity and Originality, which is funny because it's a total ripoff of Terminator, Planet of the Apes, Futurama, and The Jetsons on a thousand dollar budget.

I currently reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba where I am honing my photographic abilities and bemoaning the state of the world. 

My photography has been featured in The Winnipeg Free PressCBCVice, ExclaimSpacing, and Stylus Magazine

I am able to provide a variety of photographic services: band / artist EPK photos, live music photos, documenting events, environmental portraits, editorial photo essays, etc.

I love working with non-profits, small businesses, musicians, activists, writers and people working to make the world a more tolerable place to live.

I have a documentary style of working, preferring to pack light and blend into my surroundings. 

If you want to talk to me, have a comment regarding something I’ve written or a photograph I took, would like to purchase prints, or want to hire me please email me ggallinger at gmail dot com.

You can follow my photography on Instagram.