New site, new aspirations / by Greg Gallinger

Today is my twenty sixth birthday. At breakfast my friend, Emily kept pestering me about what I'm "going to do this year." I didn't have an exciting response, instead I just grumbled and sipped my coffee.

I'm not one of those people that make resolutions. I do however, recognize when change is welcome. After putting some thought into it I realized I want to write more, and better.

So this is my attempt at doing just that.

Sure, I could have written just the same on my tumblr, or any number of the other sites I maintain or let slip, but I chose to start fresh. I wanted my new project to be more focused and separated from the noise of social networks.

So hopefully this works out. I'm not promising anything amazing, I'm just making an agreement with myself to get better, at writing, and at focused idea curating.