/ by Greg Gallinger

Climate as Proxy for Capital within the Minneapolis Skyway System

Bill Lindeke, writing at twin city sidewalks:

In my experience, the present shape of the skyway system creates a two-tiered city landscape in downtown Minneapolis that divides the urban population along class lines, and serves the interest of private ownership at the expense of public space within the city.

Winnipeg has a similar skyway / underground system that has also fostered a class divide in the Downtown landscape. Just take a stroll through Winnipeg Square followed by a chilly walk down Graham Ave towards Vaughan and the difference will be obvious.

Bankers and white collar workers could theoretically drive Downtown from the suburbs, park in one of the many parkades, and walk from their car to their office without ever stepping foot outside. Meanwhile students, transit passengers, and pedestrians not going to the bank, a hockey game, or a concert, have to deal with the elements and the barren storefronts of Portage Ave. and the surrounding area.

(via Kottke)