/ by Greg Gallinger

Questioning Mark Chipman about militarism

Joryh, on Twitter:

@WinnipegNews question for Mark: How do you feel about those that are offended by the Jets organizations’ link with Canadian Military?

…specifically Air Force. A few fans feel it cheapens the team. Tried to force conservative ideals with gallery dose of hockey.

I like the Jets, and even the crest but I think there is a political connection to military/conservatism that serves only to harm brand.

Winnipeg News responded:

Chipman says they’re comfortable with/proud of military connection, but respects others right to their opinions.

That’s a safe answer, and not surprising given the well executed acquisition made by True North.

From the beginning True North has been spot-on in their negotiations with the NHL, as well as their portrayal in the media. They are a well oiled PR machine.

Although I can’t say I agree with the direction they’ve taken the team’s marketing and their affiliation with the Royal Canadian Air Force, I don’t really fault True North for this. True North put their money on nostalgia and patriotism when they decided on the Winnipeg Jets brand and new logo. It’s an obvious business decision, it just isn’t very brave. It was a safe bet on the prevailing order and keeping the status quo. You can guarantee that they would not be making what they are on merchandise if they had called the team the Winnipeg Anarchists, or anything other than the Jets. Only a Stanley Cup victory could produce a better TV drama. Unfortunately not everything can be controlled as well as the franchise.