Unexpected encounter / by Greg Gallinger


I was taking photos of graffiti in a West Broadway back alley when the dude on the right popped up from behind the dumpster. He asked if I was a photographer and explained that he was a visual artist. 

This photo is far from perfect. I was exposing for the sky when he popped into the frame and wasn't quick enough to switch it. I kept snapping photos while I spoke to him but failed to notice they were all poorly exposed. This was one of the few usable photos from the event. 

I learned two things from the encounter: sometimes the most interesting moments come out of total coincidence; and always double check ISO/aperture/shutter speed settings to be sure the shots will be well exposed, it sucks to ruin one of a kind encounters.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greg2point0/8...