Breanna Mulhall - Omand's Creek Train Bridge / by Greg Gallinger


I was recentry hired to take some environmental portraits of Breanna Mulhall for the Winnipeg Free Press. Breanna wrote about the train bridge over Omand's Creek for the Our Winnipeg section of the Sunday Extra and the Free Press needed a photo to go along with the article.

I met Breanna at Omand's Creek, we walked around and down under the bridge while I asked her about her interest in the location. I hadn't read her article and new little about why I was to shoot that particular location. As we descended into the ravine towards the creek we were greeted by a group of men drinking tall cans under the bridge. They seemed hospitable enough, only bothering us to ask the time and if I was there to take their photos. I had to frame them out of some shots and had to keep an eye on my gear bag that I had tossed on the ground while I was shooting, but they weren't a nuisance. If anything we were the interlopers in this particular sitnation.

As far as the photography goes I couldn't be happier. We were shooting by 5:30, right as the Sun was peaking out behind the afternoon clouds at exactly the right angle to hit the west side of the bridge. We were scheduled for an hour of shooting and took only 15 minutes to get the shots I needed.

The photo below is the one that the Free Press ended up using. I was originally published in the Winnipeg Free Press print edition July 28, 2013 A1 and can be seen online.