Ontario / by Greg Gallinger

I'm spending the week in Ontario, splitting my time between Toronto and my hometown, Owen Sound.

I only manage to get home once a year, sometimes less, so I try to make the most of it. Usually that involves hanging out with my folks in Grey-Bruce and drinking far too many beers in Toronto. This time around I'll be doing that, but I'm also dedicating quite a bit of time to photography.

I picked up an extra CF card and a Gorillapod before hoping on the iron eagle. I've decided to spend the entire week shooting without immediately editing and uploading. I'm hoping to learn a thing or two about patience. I like the idea of letting things settle before sitting down to review what I've shot.

I'm getting out of my element, shooting in cities I'm less accustomed to working in, shooting more landscapes, and worrying less about the immediate satisfaction of digital.

Tomorrow I'm driving up the Bruce Peninsul. I'm hoping to stop at some good lookouts, without any real expectations. If the weather and luck are on my side maybe I'll capture some nice images.

The end of the week will be spent doing more street photography in Toronto. The Smoke is such an interesting place to shoot, far more people than Winnipeg and a greater diversity of architecture. It's much easy to go unnoticed there as opposed to Winnipeg, but it can also be overwhelming and harder to focus in on what's relevant and interesting.

Although I'm having a great time I'm also looking forward to going home (by which I mean back to my cozy apartment in West Broadway). I've only been away for three days and already I'm missing my neighbourhood, my cat, a few of my vices, and someone I've become very close with and can't stand being away from.

Check back next week to see some of the photos I've capture.