My Year in 1,676 Photos / by Greg Gallinger

I've been mulling over this idea for a while. It's something that came to me while quickly scrubbing through several months of Lightroom archives. I realized that if you play through the photos quickly it's sort of like a hyperlapse of my life, or at least of what I saw through the lens of my camera over the past twelve months. 

The video includes many concerts; a few book launches; 2 weeks in Japan; a photoshoot with a professional wrestler; a couple bomb threats; a memorial for missing and murdered indigenous women; my 4 cats; a lot of Winnipeg architecture; my beautiful partner, Melissa; some disgustingly cutesy photos of my parents; a bunch of self-portraits and promo shots for my favourite band (Propagandhi).

In the end I'm very excited about how much I got to do this past year and hope that things will continue at a steady pace going forward.