/ by Greg Gallinger

Current coffee setup

coffee setup

I recent wrote about my switch to using the Aeropress for making coffee at home. What I quickly realized is that although it’s a fantastic, easy to use coffeemaker, it also brings out the worst in poorly roasted mass produced coffee (cough Starbucks cough). But up until now I didn’t have a proper coffee grinder, so I was stuck buying beans that I could get ground at the Starbucks by my apartment. Well, now I’ve upgraded my grinder, and have some great 49th Parallel Epic Espresso beans to grind.

Having a decent burr grinder makes a huge difference, especially because the Aeropress is designed to use a very fine grind. I’m using the Bodum Electric Burr Grinder on the finest espresso setting, which seems to work very well.

Now I just need a better kettle and water filteration (the tap water in my apartment is horrifying).