Fidel Castro and social media / by Greg Gallinger

Nelson P. Valdes, has a piece on CounterPunch about Fidel Castro's new briefer communiqués. He's scaled back his 5 hour speeches to haiku-like snippets of knowledge. Valdes points out that many American journalists are questioning Castro's sanity based on his recent musing, but as Valdes points out, Castro may be tipping us off to the rapidly changing world around us with comments like this:

Simply reading these news items shows the possibility and the necessity we have of enriching our knowledge which today is fragmented and scattered. Perhaps it takes us to more critical positions on the superficiality with which we deal with cultural and material problems. I have not the slightest doubt that our world is changing much more quickly than we are capable of imagining.

Our world is changing indeed. Imagine traveling back in time to 1962 and telling your grandparents/parents that one day Fidel Castro will be tweeting about yoga.