New haircut / by Greg Gallinger

Everyone knows that one person who needs to 1up every purchase and life decision you make. Whether it's buying a better more expensive car, or getting a hipper more expensive haircut.

Today I feel a bit like "that guy".

As you may have noticed1 I've put up some new curtains and rearranged the furniture. I got the itch, an obsessive compulsive diversion, a productive fallacy that I told myself I'd try to avoid.

However after seeing the new design of I realized my site looked like crap on an mobile device. Instead of just flicking on the "mobile version" I've tweaked the design to suit screens big and small. I also used the opportunity to fix some of the details that have been driving me nuts ever since I launched the new blog.

Anyways, I'm sorry I'm wasting pixels being meta instead of bitching about how Winnipeg is its own worst enemy. I hope you appreciate the design if you're reading this while attempting to ignore the pungent pee smell of the city transit bus you're riding.

1Assuming you are reading this on the site, and not via Instapaper, RSS, or some other newfangled algorithm for wasting time on the Web.