New Uptown column representing Winnipeg's vegan population / by Greg Gallinger

Jamil Mahmood, in his column No-Bull Veganism:

When I think about socializing while vegan, I am reminded of that Painted Thin song Holiday. The lyrics, "Yeah they let me bring my own food to Christmas dinner" and "choke down these strained peas and overcooked carrots" take me back to when I first became vegan.

Omnivores may not realize it, but Winnipeg has a pretty kick-ass vegan scene. I've lived in a couple of different cities across Canada but non have had as strong a vegan community as Winnipeg. The recent success of Boon Burger Café and over a decade of co-operatively cooked meals at Mondragón (as well as all the other great vegan/vegetarian businesses like Organic Planet Workers Co-op, the Lo Pub, Affinity, Delicious, etc…) are proof of Winnipeg's passion for food politics and healthy eating. I'm glad to see this community finally being represented in the local print media.