Reconciliation through hockey / by Greg Gallinger

David Jacks, Hockey Lives Here: In the Straight of the Great Spirit:

I think we should do what many other organizations in Canada are beginning to do. Prior to, or immediately following the singing of the National Anthem, we should officially acknowledge at the beginning of each Winnipeg Jets home game that this wonderful sport and coming-together of people is being played on traditional Assiniboine, Dene, Cree, Dakota Sioux, Ojibway, Metis, and Inuit territory.

I couldn't agree more. As was shown by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report, Canadians need to be better educated about our history and residential schools. A gathering of 15,000 hockey fans is a good venue for reminding Canadians where our country came from and who we share it with.

The NHL already has several ceremonies honouring the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Air Force, Police and Rescue Workers, and other groups, it only makes sense that Winnipeg have a ceremony to honour the local First Nations.