The politics of linking / by Greg Gallinger

Marco Arment, I'm not a "curator"

Good link blogs are designed to send as many readers as possible to the source post by not only making it very easy to see the source link, but by not replacing the need to read it for most interested readers. Link blogs don’t need a special symbol to denote their source or “via” link because it’s obvious. The link is the primary content.

This is what I've tried to do here.

When I quote or reference a particular article or site what I'm saying is "go read this". If you have been reading my comments and not the source you're missing the point and I doubt you truly understand the context of what I've written.

I have a lot of respect for link blogs like, Kottke, and Daring Fireball. They "get it", and respect the original content of the web. As such I've tried to model my writing after these sites.

If you consider yourself a "curator" or a even worse a "blogger" and you aren't giving credit to the author you're actually a plagiarist.