The Voice of North End Youth / by Greg Gallinger

→ The FWD: North End Youth Newspaper

The mission of The FWD is to promote outreach, pride and involvement within the community and create a youth training /skill building opportunity in the form of a North End community newspaper. Based out of St. John’s, R.B. Russell, and Children of the Earth high schools, a weekly journalism club will offer guidance and training for students and a voice for community members. With the assistance of the organizational staff of The FWD, the members of the club will produce a product that reflects their community and allows them to establish relationships with community businesses and organizations while developing job readiness skills.

If you don't live or spend time in the North End you can get the PDF version of the paper on their site.

It would be great if they eventually started making The FWD available in other parts of the city to expose people to the real voices of the North End, rather than the headlines in the local crime column.