Things I Like / by Greg Gallinger

As you may know Propagandhi's new album Failed States is set to be released next week and is already online for streaming.

One of Chris' songs is Things I Like, quite literally a list of the things in life he enjoys.

Inspired by the song I've decided to compile my own list of things I like.

  • I like the freedom of not owning a car, riding my single speed down Winnipeg's flat streets, peddling at top speed down a carless strip of road.

  • I like drinking black coffee and reading on a sunny day.

  • I like farmers' markets.

  • I like playing outdoor informal hockey on a cold winter night.

  • I like walking down the street in a densely populated neighbourhood.

  • I like spending a whole afternoon thumbing through the selection at local record stores.

  • I like meticulously reading the liner notes of albums.

  • I like stories about robots, science and space.

  • I like cheering for the underdog.

  • I like simple food.

  • I like looking at the landscape from an airplane window.

  • I like cetaceans.

  • I like learning the history of places I've lived and visited.

  • I like meeting people from vastly different parts of the world.

  • I like cooperatively run businesses, and places that treat workers with dignity and respect.