You Can Play Project responds to the Cam Janssen radio interview / by Greg Gallinger

I won't get into the details of the statements, but basically Cam Janssen of the New Jersey Devils made an offensively homophobic comment on a talk radio show which spurred an emotional debate on Twitter.

Patrick Burke and the rest of You Can Play waited for the reactionaries to quiet down and released their official statement.

Excerpt from the concluding paragraph of You Can Play Project's official statement:

Athletes have been raised in a culture that encourages, if not celebrates, casual homophobia. Changing their habits is certainly necessary, but it is not easy. We simply must give athletes a chance to learn, to grow, and to be educated on these issues. We must never condone the private or public use of these hateful slurs. But we must also be constantly aware that for many athletes, they do not see the full extent of the hate these words carry. We remain convinced that we are on the right track.