The books I read in 2011 / by Greg Gallinger

I read Neven Mrgan's post of the same title and got to thinking about what books I've read in the past twelve months. I don't consider myself an avid reader. I very much enjoy reading novels, the problem is the majority of what I read is short form non-fiction. My patience for reading longer form literature, especially fiction, is limited. I'm constantly promising myself I'll read more, but am perpetually disappointed by the quantity of books I read.

I didn't have the forethought to keep an ongoing list of what I've read, so I had to try to remember. So here it is, the list of books I read in the most accurate chronological order my mind could piece together.

I'm actually surprised by how many books I read, especially considering the George R. R. Martin books range from 704 pages to 1040 pages long. I'm also surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed all the books on the list. That might be skewed by my tendency to stop reading books I don't fall in love with within the first hundred pages.