/ by Greg Gallinger

aeropress method

Aeropress first impressions

I finally broke down and bought an Aeropress and this morning was my first time using it.

It was incredibly easy to use. Admittedly I could have had better beans and my next purchase needs to be a good burr grinder, but even with the preground Starbucks beans I used it tasted wonderful.

Unlike the what the instruction say, you can’t really make espresso with the Aeropress. If you use a fine grind you can make a slightly weaker espresso equivalent, that when topped up with a bit more hot water makes a good Americano. I’m looking forward to experimenting with different beans, different grinds and some of the alternate Aeropress methods I’ve seen online.

If you enjoy coffee and hate the cleanup involved in using a French Press or a similar coffee maker I highly recommend the Aeropress.