Growth Is the Problem / by Greg Gallinger

Chris Hedges, from Truthdig:

Survival will be determined by localities. Communities will have to create collectives to grow their own food and provide for their security, education, financial systems and self-governance

Once again Chris Hedges iterates what I keep hearing from progressives and people worried about the state of the world: we need strong communities to survive.

I linked to this article on Twitter the other day and got a lot of criticism due to the pessimistic nature of the article. Many feel that this "doomsday" attitude is something that every generation feels and that it is unfounded. This may be true, however I'd argue that there is significant evidence that ecological crisis will be the catalyst for radical global change. Even if you don't believe this is the case it's hard to debate Hedges main point that encouraging strong communities is the best way to safeguard the future.