Support our troops — or else / by Greg Gallinger

Tyler Shipley, writing at Uptown

It seems even the mildest deviations from the ‘support the troops’ mantra are disciplined quickly and intensely. Ironic, since we’re routinely told those troops are fighting for our ‘freedom.’

You may remember Shipley's reaction to the new Winnipeg Jets military inspired branding, also featured in Uptown. Tyler, along with other advocates for social justice such as John K. Samson, and myself, were all at the receiving end of the status quo's guffaws when we expressed our discontent with the co-opting of sports by a pro-military agenda.

It's easy to brush off Shipley and Samson's opinions as sensitive liberals who want the whole world to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but I believe the type of criticism being directed at them is indicative of Canada's growing role as a jingoist nation, much like our neighbours to the South.