Prairie Struggle / by Greg Gallinger

Seen as I appear to be promoting certain periodicals I'll go ahead and add Prairie Struggle to that list.

I just picked up the latest issue (also available as a PDF) and although it's not as flashy as a lot of the "new media" sites, it's aim to spread the ideals of anarchism is an honourable one.

I recommend reading Prairie Struggle's Aims and Principles, but I particularly like the paragraph regarding social revolution:

We recognize that any deeply entrenched system based on power and privilege will not allow itself to be peacefully abolished. True liberation can only be attained by social revolution. For us, the concept of a social revolution is not an abstract metaphor, but, rather a very real social war against every form of oppression. While we don't fetishize violence or armed struggle, we understand it will require revolutionary force on the part of the working class to bring about social emancipation. Such a revolutionary situation can only emerge from social movements and the radicalization of the working class. We advocate radicalization of every struggle. By means of this radicalization and of our involvement in the various resistance movements in which we participate, we encourage the development of an autonomous class consciousness, the only safeguard against political recuperation. We defend, everywhere and always, the autonomous organization and revolutionary self-activity of the working class.

You can pickup a physical copy of Prairie Struggle at Mondragón.