Spectator Tribune / by Greg Gallinger

Robert Galston, writing at Spectator Tribune:

This is the Winnipeg I get excited about; the Winnipeg that has little to do with the Official Version of progress which measures things in simple, quantitative terms. The organic, gradual and integral will always do more than the engineered, immediate and artificial to make this a better place.

If you didn't already know, Spectator Tribune just launched and already have some really nice content. Robert Galston's optimistic-yet-realistic look at Winnipeg is a great headpiece for the new periodical.* If you're more cynical Julijana Capone's interview with Pip Skid is probably more up your alley.

It has yet to be seen how Sepctator Tribune will pan out, but if today's content is any indication things are looking good.

*Not sure if periodical is the right terminology, but it's close enough.